September 11, 2020

Rabab has been a trainer for 100+ events conducted by Ayaksha Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Health and Safety Partner, in just the past 1 year. We have always got great reviews and feedback for Rabab’s training sessions. She is one of the best trainers we have been associated with and what makes her so good is her appetite for knowledge. She is a voracious reader and can always be seen researching about her topics. This gives her an edge over other trainers because she keeps on adding to her content in order to give the best and most updated content to her audience. She not only knows her stuff very well but is willing to challenge the boundaries of her knowledge and not just sit on past laurels. Also, she is very warm, friendly and approachable. She makes sure that each and every person in the room feels comfortable. At the end of every session, the audience feels that they have come to the right place and have got their time and monies worth.

It has been a great association and I am sure it will continue for a long time in the future as well. Also, would like to wish you Rabab, best wishes for your future endeavors.