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May 14, 2020
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August 3, 2020

The recent suicide and tragic death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has shocked society. It left us all wondering what drove him to take such a step and end his life? For the most of us, our daily routine revolves around what we do for a living, how we manage our finances. We often presume erroneously that if money matters are sorted, other things will fall in place. A certain amount of comfort that money brings in helps soothe other relationship faultlines and tensions.

But apparently, that is not the case. Taking the incident at face value, I am of the opinion that pre planned suicide cases are an indicator of the individuals complete lack of self esteem. Difficult circumstances in childhood compounded with bad personal choices or habits continue to torment them throughout their lives. The only way to fix this is by accepting responsibility for past actions and making a conscious decision to work towards a more satisfying life where you are content with your efforts and at peace with yourself internally. Once this happens, we would not hesitate to discuss life’s challenges with our loved ones and seek support and reassurance.

Having said that, the onus lies on society to be understanding of each other and treat each other with compassion. Indeed, there are good qualities in all of us which should be appreciated and acknowledged so that we create and foster an environment of love and not of hate. We are all human and part of being human is that we are susceptible to our whims and indulgences in moments of weakness. That does not make us immoral but rather it is an opportunity to build character by strengthening our resolve and finding pursuits which are honourable and give us a sense of fulfillment when we use these skills to contribute to the betterment of people as a whole.

So how do you deal with a person who is suffering from depression? The easiest thing to do is – first and foremost offer them a listening ear. Hear them out without judging them or passing any negative comments. Feel for them and understand what they are going through. Having someone who can share your pain is in itself a tremendous pillar of support for people who are feeling completely vulnerable and emotionally broken. Don’t blame them for their actions or ask them to stop whining.

Secondly, do whatever you can to help them out. They are in a dire situation for whatever reason and are desperate for a solution. The consequences that are imminent can be lightened or deflected if someone steps up to the plate and offers help much like a saviour. There are many arguments that are made not to bail out the person or solve their problem for them, most of which hold the premise that the lesson is not learned when their difficulty is averted so easily without them suffering the pain. Personally, I do not agree and instead recommend helping people as much as you can with all your strength. Also, your help should be given forthright with utmost ease and without any admonishment. Counsel them and be strict also but don’t turn your back on them. The very act of accepting someones help is their admission of error and humbling for the person internally. Even if words are not expressed, the person you help will remember it and appreciate it for their life time. A person can face depression either due to choices he has made in the past or while coming under external circumstances that have been forced on him. When it is his own misdeeds that have created the situation the very fact that he is depressed is an indication that he has realised his faults and is looking to make amends.

This is what a well wisher does. All of us have been through ups and downs in life, it is a natural phenomenon and one of life’s important life skills is to learn which matters to take to heart and which matters to ignore and forget. Thinking positively, giving people the benefit of doubt and believing firmly in the positive outcomes of our endeavours keeps us happy. It’s a message worth spreading. Power to you!


  1. Dr Zainabs says:

    How can we educate on depression and suicide and not mention anything about seeking help from a.proffessional?what about medications for depression?

  2. Yusufali Kalimuddin Motiwala says:

    It is a full fledge explanation how one can help a person in depression with much clarity. It is more of post depression.
    However, I would like to give my views on this subject by saying ” Precaution is better than Cure”. Having said that how one cannot come to this worst stage.
    All have to follow simple rule irrespective of weak person or a strong person.
    Do all your efforts and hard work for a given objective.
    Leave it to Al mighty God for its result and accept as is.
    Even if you fail or do not show up with the desired result, do not blame but accept a positive challenge for the next level.
    Do not try to pressurize self for not achieving the target but believe in God for the better in it.
    One has to remember “Kabhie kisi ko mukammal jahan nahi milta”
    Believe you will get what you deserve and not what you desire.
    The above are my views which may vary from person to person

  3. Hasan says:

    A very therapeutic article.Hats off Rabab bhen!

  4. Farida says:

    People suffering from depression need understanding and support . Help whenever you can. Your article is very thougt provoking

  5. Zaj says:

    The whole article is thoughtful and well written. I particularly liked the statement towards the end:
    “Thinking positively, giving people the benefit of doubt and believing firmly in the positive outcomes of our endeavours keeps us happy.”
    I would add the words -have faith

  6. Nafisa says:

    Cannot agree more on that with you.Let’s Listen, sometimes that’s all an individual needs to come out of a stressful situation.Let’s lend a kind ear and a comforting shoulder to our near and dear ones.Let’s be kind to our acquaintances ’cause kindness can mend a broken heart. Let’s help people see value in themselves rather than belittling anyone ’cause every being is born with a purpose ,Let’s help them see theirs.Let’s not be a crab pulling others down rather Let’s be a soul who gets illuminated by enlightening others.

  7. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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