Are you confused on what business to start?

This course provides you a detailed blueprint for identifying your hidden skills and help you start your business in less than 30 days.


Hi, I am Rabab

I have helped 1000’s of individuals convert their passion into business. I used this blueprint in my business initially and after a resounding success, I made this available for others to benefit from it.

Rabab’s joie de vivre is infectious and among the first things that you would notice about her! She leads life with strength, integrity and self-confidence. She believes that people should take action and the responsibility for those actions in life. Life centres a person’s emotional strength and taking charge is easy for someone who is already in control of their own self.

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Setup your business in 30 days

I have cooked a secret recipe to build a successful business. To help you get started, I have put together a 3-step approach which will uncover your hidden talent and launch your business in 30 days.

What is this course all about?

“Life is the result of your beliefs and expectations. Therefore I help you connect your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your life and business.”

You can be your own boss, yes you read it right, YOU can be your own boss and aspire to have financial and more importantly emotional freedom.

Exciting right? Hold on!

Did you know, 98% of startups fail in their first year for various reasons:

  • Haven’t figured out why they started
  • No belief system within the team
  • No market for the product
  • No clear brand strategy
  • Cash flow issues
  • Any many more

This is because most people jump right into starting their business without understanding their true potential and skills they possess.

I am here to share with you my proven three dimensional framework, which will not only help you uncover your hidden talent but also build your brand from ground up.


I have learnt the hard way, but I don’t want you to struggle with lack of inner strength, required mindset and more importantly motivation.

But I have good news! Those struggles are behind me and I have used that time to create the three dimensional framework which you can take advantage of and become the kind of person you have always aspired to be.

Too good to be true? Well, read on how we have transformed lives


Still not convinced?

Let me tell you why this program is for you!

Firstly, If you are still reading this then Congratulations! for making up your mind to live your dream

This program is designed to collectively make you a person of competence and a leader in your life or business

Through this program, you will be able to:

  • Build a successful and winning entrepreneurial min
  • Deal with low motivation phase
  • Solve real life problems of your potential customers
  • Make decisions faster thus speeding up your business growth
  • Turn your unique skill set into a business

This program will help you kickstart your entrepreneurial journey which you have always dreamed of, I am here to uncover your hidden talent and monetize.

Your happiness and mindset will be kept on the forefront during this program, I will help you gain a positive mindset and that my dear friends is why you should sign up for this course.

I will help you to move out of your comfort zone, uncover your skills, and build your brand. You deserve happiness, peace, success, and you can only achieve that with the right mindset and strategic approach.

Who is this program for?

Home makers

Side hustlers

Solo preneurs


College graduates


Our Courses

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Life Coaching

Join us in the Life Coaching course. My secret sauce will help you break those emotional barriers, create positive belief systems till you are happy about yourself and your values as they will help you meet your desires and expectations.

1. Introduction: A quick guide on how to use this programme for self improvement and life transformation

2. Starting Fresh: How to discard negativity from your life

3. Finding Discipline: Learning about life changing habits of people who we view as successful, and worthy role models

4. Goal cards: What do you want from life? This is where you identify what you want from life.

5. Sum up of activity so far: Cross checking whether you have listed down your goals, needs and wants accurately

6. Belief system : How perception shapes belief and affects behaviour

7. Goal setting: A detailed explanation of the art of effective goal setting and its repercussions on your life

8. Needs and wants: Understanding the difference between needs and wants and how to use this information for personal benefit

9. Motivation: How to make a paradigm shift in thinking to start something new and remain motivated

10. Work life balance: The importance of managing all aspects of your life evenly

11. Summary of day’s activity: Belief system, needs and wants, goals, work life balance

12. Thanks: A thank you for participating in this programme and how you can re-use these tips later in life

Price: 4999/-

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1. Introduction: My thoughts on innate skills and how a person is naturally gifted to excel in certain areas

2. Talent v/s Skill: Differentiating between talent and skills to for personal and professional application

3. Assessment of skills: How to identify your skills and areas of interest

4. My story : How I discovered that you don’t need an MBA from a foreign university to start a business

5. Opportunities for growth: Understanding where you stand today and creating a vision for the future with your new found skills

6. Knowledge v/s Skill: Acknowledging the importance of knowledge in skill application

7. Finding your niche: Learn which areas or industry are pertinent to your skill

8. Niche clarity: Narrowing down your options for clarity in action

9. Obstacles in your path : Motivational stories on the consequences of helping others and putting in hard work

Price: 7999/-

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