Encourage the Leader in You

“Encourage the Leader in You” is a program specifically designed for women entrepreneurs and also for women who aspire to start their own business. It is a program that is “For the women”, “By a Woman” and “About the Women” entrepreneurs and the challenges they face. These are insights from my journey from being a homemaker to a successful entrepreneur. At the end of this event, women will learn to:


As a woman one has the innate skills required to succeed in any venture that you take up. The only person who can stop you is your own self. In this program, I share with you some actionable steps that will help you to optimize your skills and your natural abilities.


For a woman and for a home maker more so, their family comes first. They almost feel guilty that they are neglecting their children and/or their family. A very important mind-set that has to be addressed and changed is that you are not guilty. Learn how to overcome this mind-set and set yourself free from the guilt.


A work life balance for woman has its unique challenges. It is not only her professional life but also the personal life that requires significant amount of attention. Having gone through this “Catch 22” situation during my own journey, I have developed certain tools and methods that have helped me to manage both aspects of my life successfully. I mentor and share insights with women entrepreneurs on how to achieve success in their professional life and lead an equally fulfilling personal life.