Back to School

“Back to School” is a program that is very dear to my heart as it helps me interact with schools and students. Being a counsellor and psychology enthusiast, I am very passionate about giving the best education and knowledge that will have a positive and a long-lasting impact in the life of the students. To achieve my vision of delivering the best education to the students, I have developed the following categories of training:

Train The Teacher​

We all have a favorite teacher that we fondly remember from our school days. All these teachers have one thing in common and that is they want to give their best to all their students. The best teachers and the best schools do so by constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills so that they can guide the students better. They are always looking for something extra that they can equip themselves with to create a better future for the students. This program exactly helps the teachers and schools to achieve these objectives by providing them with the latest knowledge, trends, and methodologies to enhance their capabilities with respect to:

  • Classroom Management
  • Student Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Different teaching modalities
  • Conduct Interactive and engaging lectures
  • Connect personally with students to understand them better
  • Identify the gifts of each student and help them further develop

        their strengths

& more….

Build The Future​​

The students are the future of any nation. They need to have a strong foundation on which they can build this rock-solid future. An environment in which students feel secure, loved and valued goes a long way in helping them seeing and achieving their dreams. The “Build the Future” helps students in their personal life as well as in their school. This program imparts knowledge to the students on topics which include:

  • Exam Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Safe and Unsafe Touch
  • Communication Skills
  • Relation Management
  • Inter personal Skills
  • Personality Development

& more….

Bond with Your Child​

Parents and children share a special bond. Every parent wants the best for their child. However, sometimes parenting can be a challenge due to the modern day environment where most families are nuclear or both the parents are working and have limited time to interact with the child, and as the child grows their needs and behaviors will change. Also, parenting is not a one size fits all kind of a thing. The parenting style will vary from one child to another as well as it will vary as per the age of the child. As a parent one has to understand his/her child and nurture him/her accordingly. Parenting a child is a skill that people learn over a period of time mainly by trial and error. However, like any other skill you have the option of training yourself and get better at it.

For a parent, it is important that they are able to guide their children in all aspects of life be it physical, psychological, mental, or spiritual. I, being a parent, understand the joys, the frustrations and the challenges that parents of today’s generation go through. I deliver various parenting sessions to enable parents to handle the pressures of parenting and help them develop skills so that they are able to nurture their kids in a right way. A holistic development of the child is the aim of the parenting sessions I conduct. I conduct sessions about:

  • New Age Parenting (specially designed to help parents deal with current parenting issues in this generation of technology)
  • Mother Daughter Program
  • Tango with Teens (for parents to better understand the teenagers)

& more…

If you are a school representative or a parent who wants to understand his/her child better, you may drop an email to care@rabablifecoach.comor call me on +91- 9820051173.