Award Winning Lifecoach

Her credence in people is evident when she leaves them brimming with confidence at the end of her sessions. This is developed through self-awareness and emotional control. She instills a belief system in people and how they can lead themselves rather than relying on destiny or environment. This belief system is not time-bound and does not fizz away.

Prized achievements

Rabab has received the India Achievers Award 2019 as the Best LifeCoach and Educationist in Mumbai.

Rabab has completed her Bachelors in Mass Media (BMM) and has a diploma in Life Coaching from Manchester International College.

She is certified in personal counselling as well as Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). She has completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology. She is also a certified Graphologist and addresses people’s problems by analyzing patterns of writing. This helps uncover the psychological state of a person because it is after all the brain that signals the muscles that implement writing.

With almost a 100 successful events and counting, Rabab is among the most sought-after life coach currently. She has taken several corporate and private sessions to help individuals and teams get over issues and take charge of the situation. She helps people focus on the things that are truly important by getting them to remove unwanted noise from their lives. She strives to get people to take action continuously.

“I strongly believe that only you can change you! Everyone should be able to give themselves another chance. Even if circumstances are against you, try. Only two things can happen when you try – either you succeed or you evolve. And both will make you stronger. So I implore you to keep trying.”

Rabab J Ghadiali