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Rabab’s joie de vivre is infectious and among the first things that you would notice about her! She leads life with strength, integrity and self-confidence. She believes that people should take action and the responsibility for those actions in life. Life centres a person’s emotional strength and taking charge is easy for someone who is already in control of their own self.

As a forever optimist, she completed her graduation in BMM even though circumstances were difficult and giving up would have been easy. Her journey took another positive turn when she kept trying to build her career. She worked in the media industry for a year before realizing that it was not meant for her because too much of it was artificial. She moved towards studying the human mind at this time to instantly fall in love with being able to help people. Her empathy and the installation of a can-do attitude in people are among her best features.

In 2014, she launched herself as a life coach and a counsellor. She also actively works in the fields of corporate training and as a keynote speaker. She is a staunch supporter of taking action and empowers people by giving them an insight into their minds.

“Life is the result of your beliefs and expectations. Therefore I help you connect your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your life.”

Rabab J Ghadiali


Providing training to professionals, school students, mentoring individuals and teams.


I firmly believe that “You either Succeed or you Evolve”. Failure is just a wrong mindset that...
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Campus to Corporate

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Back to School

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Family Coaching

“Rise and Shine” is a program designed to provide guidance to families, parents and children to help...
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The Life Coach We all have within ourselves to achieve results and be the best we can. But, what...
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Our Stats


  • Tasneem Dahod – Mumbai
    I was lucky enough to have met Rabab at a time when I was clueless regarding everything in my life in general. After a few sessions with her I have an overwhelming feeling of peace and calm within me now. My relationships and connections with people around me have grown in such a deep way.  Rabab is an extremely talented and natural coach. Her values - centered guidance challenged me to ''think'', ''to love myself'' and focus on my strengths. Her knowledge, positive and fun personality made it easy for me to open up to her. Thank you Rabab for the wonderful insight, support and encouragement. I recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach.
    Tasneem Dahod – Mumbai
  • Mr. Alkesh Kubadia, M.D. – Diyan Fashions Pvt. Ltd. & Rays Divine LLP
    "I was at a total loss of how to be a good single parent to my son who was entering his teen as failure in my marriage had led me to believe that I cannot succeed in parenting too. But god spoke to me through Rabab when she guided me through my challenges, step by step, breaking it down for me with such fine craftsmanship, a feeling of belonging and warmth that only she can comfort me with. Whatever the challenges, she is my go to person and you will only do yourself a favor if you choose the same for yourself."
    Mr. Alkesh Kubadia, M.D. – Diyan Fashions Pvt. Ltd. & Rays Divine LLP
  • Syed Munawwar A. Naqvi, Director – SMWorks Greater Noida
    “Rabab is excellent, extremely professional and knowledgeable and created positive learning environments. She is delightful, wise person and also an exceptionally gifted art to bring insight and healing to a wide range of situations- physical and mental health, relationships and many other aspect of life. Consultations with her are always uplifting, effective and transformative. I wish her the best and beautiful LIFE ahead.”
    Syed Munawwar A. Naqvi, Director – SMWorks Greater Noida
  • Mr. Rakesh Raval, Founder & Director – Ayaksha Healthcare Pvt Ltd (Mumbai)
    Rabab has been a trainer for 100+ events conducted by Ayaksha Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Health and Safety Partner, in just the past 1 year. We have always got great reviews and feedback for Rabab’s training sessions. She is one of the best trainers we have been associated with and what makes her so good is her appetite for knowledge. She is a voracious reader and can always be seen researching about her topics. This gives her an edge over other trainers because she keeps on adding to her content in order to give the best and most updated content to her audience. She not only knows her stuff very well but is willing to challenge the boundaries of her knowledge and not just sit on past laurels. Also, she is very warm, friendly and approachable. She makes sure that each and every person in the room feels comfortable. At the end of every session, the audience feels that they have come to the right place and have got their time and monies worth. It has been a great association and I am sure it will continue for a long time in the future as well. Also, would like to wish you Rabab, best wishes for your future endeavors.
    Mr. Rakesh Raval, Founder & Director – Ayaksha Healthcare Pvt Ltd (Mumbai)


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